Lovecraft meets the Middle Ages

Any one who knows me well, knows that I am a huge geek/nerd (these words are interchangeable, I don’t want to hear it).

One of the many nerdy things that can really get into is the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft.  Considered by many to be the modern founder of the Horror genre, Lovecraft’s tails are delightfully Weird.  With a capital W!

Certainly, Lovecraft does not display a Christian worldview.  His world is much darker, more primal, than any world in which there is an empty tomb.  Lovecraft’s attention to madness, despair, and primal fear drive his works.

True, there is much, outside of his bleak portrayal of the world, which is after all FICTION, to be troubled by.  Lovecraft was not, shall we say, well balanced.  It is clear that he held views, like many of his generation, what we would see as horrifically racist.

However, as reaction to the late Victorian/Edwardian that shaped and formed him, Lovecraft can not be over looked.  In fact, in many ways, I feel similarly about Lovecraft as I do about the 1980s works of Bret Easton Ellis, in particular American Psycho.

All of that to get to this: io9 has an amazing post of illustrations of Medieval knights fighting Lovecraftian monsters.

These are brilliant.  They are certainly worth your time.

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