More Bomb Threats Against JCCs Across the Country

List of JCC Bomb Threats, Feb 27, 2017I know that it shouldn’t matter, but the string of threats against Jewish Community Centers came home to me in a very real way reading this list.

On it is the JCC in Asheville, NC. I have been there. I have attended events there. Somehow knowing that I had been in that building shook me in a way that all the other reports haven’t, and I’ve been shaken already.

It made it personal in a way that seeing video of a cemetery in Philadelphia or St. Louis just didn’t. And that greives me. Why is it that we need a personal connection to really be shaken to the core?

It probably has something to do with human nature.

Also on this list is a JCC in Harrisburg, PA, my wife’s hometown, a community that I’ve come to care about and pray for through my relationship with Audrey and her family, deeply rooted in that place.

This isn’t ok. I was reading an article in Haaretz earlier today that reported that there have been 190 anti-semitic acts like this in just the last 45 days (this press release has the number at 100, but that may be just for acts against JCCs). The article went on to say, as if it needed to be, that this is unusual and not simply the ways things have been. Also included in the article was an interview with a security consultant who stated that evidence suggests that these are not the acts of one person, but multiple and are, at best, copy cats but possibly a coordinated campaign of terror and hate.

This must stop. This has to stop.

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